Dirco Express Cargo : the logistics professional for the pharmaceutical sector


Based in Brussels and Kinshasa in the Congo, Dirco Express Cargo offers unique and innovative solutions for the distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.

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Logistics: storage, distribution, and delivery worldwide

From delivery to warehousing, delivery and collection, our pharmaceutical logistics wing focuses on optimising the distribution process of medicines and pharmaceutical products for pharmacies and their partners. Our goal? To provide you with the most efficient, practical and timely solutions through our expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Strong collaborations in the pharmaceutical industry

Serving the pharma sector and pharmacists, we offer solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. Through the constant development of our proposals, we increase the performance of your pharmacy, hospital departments and health centres, which in turn provide better quality health care to patients.

En collaboration avec des partenaires techniques, des experts IT et logistiques, et notre équipe de pharmaciens expérimentés, nous vous garantissons des solutions parfaitement adaptées à vos besoins. De A à Z. Pour toute marchandise pharmaceutique.